The Geo-Time-Machine (GTM) is a 3D computer-graphics learning tool that helps you understand relative geologic time. This tool is developed by the Iowa State University Department of Geological and Atmospheric sciences. The Geo-Time-Machine is about hands-on, interactive learning - to get started, follow these steps:
  1. 1.Download the version for your computer (see below)
  2. 2.Install it ( follow these Instructions)
  3. 3.Learn how to use it by going through the Tutorial (flash tutorial 1 flash tutorial 2 )
  4. 4.For concrete help on solving the most common problems look here
Welcome to the Geo-Time-Machine Web Site
Download the software: Current release: 0.91 (What's new ?), released 1/2/07)

  1. 1.Windows XP: (Using Internet Explorer? try the direct install )
    Note: We have only tested GTM on Windows XP - it may not work on earlier version of Windows!
    If the installation does not work, download and unzip this folder and run the file called GTM.exe that's inside)

  2. 2. Mac OS X (Tiger-only tested):
        For Intel-based Macs (Macbooks, etc):
       For all other Macs (G5, iBooks, Powerbooks, etc.):
Disclaimer: This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
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