Hovercraft Soccer
> Hovercraft Soccer was an exercise in speed programming. A very busy semester had delayed the start of this semester-long project until 12:30 AM on the night before the assignment was to be presented. My friend Dan and I sat down down after an already long day with just 14 1/2 hours to write an entire game. By using programming techniques we'd learned earlier in the semester, such as singleton classes and highly organized code, we were able to finish the game with just a little time to spare. Although we had little time to complete the project, we decided not to take shortcuts when writing the program, and the resulting code is some of the cleanest I have ever written.
> The concept behind Hovercraft Soccer is very simple. Two players drive hovercrafts around and attempt to knock a ball into each other's goal. A goofy soundtrack, excellent physics engine, and my own cel-shading library make Hovercraft Soccer a very enjoyable experience. Gameplay tends to be geared more towards having fun driving the hovercrafts than actually scoring points. Future versions of Hovercraft Soccer will include support for multiple levels as well as improved handling for the hovercrafts. >