> My second virtual reality app, ArKen3D, is a virtual reality adaptation of a simple Breakout-style game I wrote for an introductory OpenGL course. ArKen3D is a truly immersive program, and requires all six sides of Iowa State University's C6 to be properly experienced. ArKen3D was the winner of the Virtual Reality Application Center's first annual C6 demo application contest and was featured in the Des Moines Register. You can see the article here.
> In ArKen3D, the player stands on a platform seemingly suspended high up over a mountain range. Blocks slowly orbit the platform, and the player must hit each block with a ball that bounces around the arena in order to pass the level. The player also has to be careful not to let the ball hit the platform he is standing on. Such an impact will cause the platform to briefly rock back and forth, and the player's view of the world will tilt accordingly. It's a truly dizzying experience. >
> Other features of ArKen3D include a particle system that creates a mess of debris whenever a block is destroyed. This adds a greater sense of immersion, especially when the chunks fly past the player. Powerups add depth to the game by letting the player gain new abilities or recover from damage. >
> A game of ArKen3D ends when the ball hits the platform one too many times. The platform explodes into a clutter of tiny cubes, and the background changes to black. All that is left is a wireframe sphere representing the arena. After a few moments, the particles form themselves to spell the words "GAME OVER." >