WiiUse  0.14.2
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*classic.cClassic controller expansion device
o*classic.hClassic controller expansion device
o*definitions.hGeneral definitions
o*definitions_os.hOperating system related definitions
o*dynamics.cHandles the dynamics of the wiimote
o*dynamics.hHandles the dynamics of the wiimote
o*events.cHandles wiimote events
o*events.hHandles wiimote events
o*guitar_hero_3.cGuitar Hero 3 expansion device
o*guitar_hero_3.hGuitar Hero 3 expansion device
o*io.cHandles device I/O (non-OS specific)
o*io.hHandles device I/O
o*ir.cHandles IR data
o*ir.hHandles IR data
o*motion_plus.hMotion plus extension
o*nunchuk.cNunchuk expansion device
o*nunchuk.hNunchuk expansion device
o*os.hHandles device I/O
o*os_nix.cHandles device I/O for *nix
o*os_win.cHandles device I/O for Windows
o*util.cProvides platform-specific utility functions
o*wiiboard.cWii Fit Balance Board device
o*wiiboard.hWii balance board expansion device
o*wiiuse.cGeneral wiimote operations
o*wiiuse.hAPI header file
\*wiiuse_internal.hGeneral internal wiiuse stuff