WiiUse  0.14.2
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCaccel_tAccelerometer struct. For any device with an accelerometer
oCang3f_tRoll/Pitch/Yaw float angles
oCang3s_tRoll/Pitch/Yaw short angles
oCclassic_ctrl_tClassic controller expansion device
oCdata_req_tData write request structure
oCexpansion_tGeneric expansion device plugged into wiimote
oCgforce_tGravity force struct
oCguitar_hero_3_tGuitar Hero 3 expansion device
oCir_dot_tA single IR source
oCir_tIR struct. Hold all data related to the IR tracking
oCjoystick_tJoystick calibration structure
oCmotion_plus_tMotion Plus expansion device
oCnunchuk_tNunchuk expansion device
oCorient_tOrientation struct
oCread_req_tData read request structure
oCvec2b_tUnsigned x,y byte vector
oCvec3b_tUnsigned x,y,z byte vector
oCvec3f_tSigned x,y,z float struct
oCwii_board_tWii Balance Board "expansion" device
oCwiimoteMain Wiimote device structure
oCwiimote_callback_data_tData passed to a callback during wiiuse_update()
\Cwiimote_state_tSignificant data from the previous event